Ngmhs Special Care Centres


The NGMHS Special Care Centres are established with the aim to equip beneficiaries with various skills that will enable them to be self -reliant and to give their family members an opportunity to consider any other aspects of life. Rendering the services in the community gives beneficiary parents/family members an opportunity to work and they are being educated by the organization on how to take care of the beneficiaries since they are children with special needs.


During the COVID 19   the centres management and staff took an effort by doing home visits to the mental health services users to ensure that support is provided to the parents as others were struggling to cope. Assisted is always provided to the parents so that the can be able to find better ways to cope with the kids, reminded them on how they can stimulate the kids and continue to offer them with  the training that they used to get at the centers.

The centres continued to ensure that Mental Health Services Users are still getting the relevant education that they needed by working hand in hand with the department of education and by making sure that all kids get the activities that will be able to educate them at home especially about the corona virus and hygiene as a whole. The organizations also ensured that Mental Health Services Users are safe at home during this pandemic, they have their masks and all the protective measures that is needed like sanitizers and also ensure that they get the necessary training of wearing masks, using sanitizers and being able to wash their hands without any problems.

Challenges: working through this pandemic was a challenge as we had to ensure that we protect ourselves from this deadly virus. Protective measures were needed and we had to ensure that safety comes first. We did that by using two vehicles for doing the home visits which was a bit costly for us in terms of petrol and only a certain number of care givers where able to do home visits as we had to limit our passenger’s and also apply social distancing, which also lead to doing too many home visits as we had to limit workers. The other challenge that we had was to also ensure that we protect people that we were going to, and make sure that we keep their lives safe and not bring the virus for them by going to their homes.

The good thing was that the parents where really happy with the visits and the help they got from the organizations. They were given tips that they can use and apply when they are at home. They were reminded on how they can offer stimulation to the kids and where given the necessary support they needed. The other good thing was that during this home visits we were able to spot a few families that needed help and the organization made means to try and help those families with food parcels so that they can be able to manage through this difficult times. “Us doing those home visits was a blessing to them and they do not know how they can thank us said one of the parents”

The plan is to still continue doing the home visits, continue to offer more support to the parents and also continue to train the kids so that when we open they will be able to wear their musk’s, wash their hands and be used to using sanitizers. The other plan is to continue looking for funders that can be able to fund us with food so that more food parcels can be distributed to the families that needs them the most, as we have seen that the little that we are giving makes a huge difference in our children’s lives and the community as a whole.

Due to high demand of our services, we planning to look for funders whom can be able to help use renovate and extend our buildings so we can accommodate more beneficiaries. We conducted awareness activities focusing on the following topics: Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy and Autism.

Our Address

Tswelelopele Special Care Centre(House No: 07 Lesoais Street, Atteridgeville, 0008. Cell: 082 501 1000.)

Refeng Sebaka Special Care Centre(769 Section F, Next to Redibone Primary School, Soshanguve. 0152. Cell: 071 509 8370)