Phuthanamagolo and Soshanguve Protective workshops were established with the aim of providing opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to improve on various activities such as handwork, reading and writing which is essential part of their life. With the assistance they receive form their teachers and social workers, their physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual development has been improved so much.

Both Workshops were introduced to the beneficiaries in order to enable them to be aware of their weaknesses and to build on positive aspects of their character.

NGMHS Protective Workshops ensures that beneficiaries are save from being targeted by their peers and people who uses or abuses them, taking advantage of their condition by making them smoking, drinking alcohol, gambling and joining gangsterism in the communities. It also provides them with opportunities to learn.

In most cases challenges faced by the NGMHS protective workshops is shortage of resources. It our wish that our beneficiaries could learn different things and make things that they would be able to sell to the communities so that they could generate income for them and their family also.In the current financial year Protective Workshops has been developed their own
magazine where activities has been show cased.  Beneficiaries were also taught basic sewing and computer skills.

The protective workshops future plans is to expand and make sure that everyone in the community knows about the workshop and further referrals to be made; further recruitments so that more and more people living with the intellectual disability may be able to do something which will be beneficial to them and in a way to enhance their mental health through being able to be independent and make use of the skills they know by making a business out of those skills.

Our Office Address

Phuthana Magole Protective
Workshop: URCSA Cr Stormvoel Road Denneboom
Cell 079 162 0343

Medicos Center
2093 Aubrey Matlala street