North Gauteng Mental Health Society (Community Development Project) was established with
the aim of working with orphans and vulnerable children from the surrounding areas of Soshanguve (Block
S). The focus is more on children who are affected and infected with manageable life threatening disease
and whom are at risk of dropping out of school
The Project is situated at kondelelani Secondary School in Soshanguve (Block S) and provide services to
beneficiaries at Uthando and Seetsa sa Kgwedi Primary Schools, We giving out food parcels, visits,
running support groups, established food garden, assisting children with homework and performing
different activities.
The Ithutheng Community Development Project plays a very important role in the community, statistically
90% of the beneficiaries lives a better life and they attend school without any doubts. Our hard working
Social Auxiliary workers, coordinator as well caregivers ensures that our core services are clearly delivered
to them. They address all the challenges faces by the beneficiaries with regards their school work; they also
conduct home visits to assess their wellbeing at home.
There is a huge poverty alleviation programme that the project is currently running which is the homestead
food garden programme, our clients families or parents receives vegetable seeds with the idea of establishing
a food gardens at home.
In terms of community outreach the project raise various awareness to fight stigma on different issues in
the community. On yearly basis the project celebrated a world aids day to address issues related to
HIV/AIDS in the community, the events are always a success since the community managed to reap
themselves resourceful information. The project also realize a need to raise awareness on the children’s
rights during child protection week yearly, the awareness is raised through the presentations at the various
primary schools in the communities because there is really a confusion on parents or guardian.

Our Office Address

Kondelelane JSS,
Stand 314 Block S
Soshanguve, Block R
Cell: 076 372 9006
Sizabonke Community project
25675 Emasangweni Primary School
Mamelodi East