Mamelodi Office

The Mandela office consists of a Social Worker, two Social Auxiliary Workers, and an intern. Mandela office provides generic social work and mental health services the Mamelodi East community. Our service include: home visits every Monday, intake on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and administration is done on Thursdays and Fridays. Awareness campaigns are also conducted. The office was unable to provide many services to the community due to the lockdown however food parcels were delivered to some of our clients who have not received foster care grant. The Mandela office is proud to report that its Social Worker was interviewed to one the radio station, Ikwekwezi radio station during Child Protection week. A lot of listeners were able receive a lot of information concerning Children’s Rights as listeners called after the interview to ask for more information. The office will try its level best encourage foster parents to cooperate with the Social Worker in order to provide the best services.

Our Address

25905 Hector Peterson Street, Mamelodi East, 0122. Cell Number 079 233 5075