The financial year from March 2019 to March 2020 the office manage to maintain and enhance the social and mental wellbeing of the client, and also conducted foster care, psychosocial, Aba and greening awareness’ Campaigns, to educate, to protect, to prevent and to empower the community members. The psychosocial, protection and support services for the family affected by domestic violence abuse and neglect were provided throughout the year.

The most challenges the office faces is to identity the families that are in need and provided food parcels.

  • The area of service is developing area so it is difficult to find address as it doesn’t appear in navigator.
  • The area of service is also surrounded with informal settlements so it increases the workload.
  • The working environment is not conducive; we don’t have the toilet and running water.

The office manage to find permanent placement for child in need of care and protection, the child was staying at temporary placement for 2 years. The concerned children found stability and sense of belongings In the next financial year our plan is to have more community support groups and project to empower the community emotional, social and financially, have more foster activities between foster parent s and foster children and also to have a good and conducive working environment.

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