Looking from the previous financial year (March 2019 – March 2020) the office managed to realize the mission and vision of the organisation according to the following services. Statutory:the office managed to render services to foster care cases and there was no backlog or children that does not receive foster care grant. Intakes were normal and easy to do follow up. Foster care awareness was done almost every day with our clients in the office and we did foster care

Awareness at Silverton mall, Silver crossing and Nellmapius library and child protection week awareness campaign was done at living water day care. Home visits were done to monitor and to maintain ongoing supervision with our clients. Group work was done by us and students from UNISA and was successful. Target was reached on our monthly statistic excluding community project as there were no students doing community. Food donation was given to five cluster family’s food donation.

Mental cases: were attended to and a supervision service was rendered during home visits. Awareness was done at Silver mall; Silver crossing, living water hall at Nellmapius, library hall and five schools at Enkangala Primary. Challenges faced by the community is the cost of security clearance that has to be done always when we extend court orders and the unknown background information of the biological fathers that prevent them to apply foster care grant. Due limited subsidies from the departments an organisation sometimes find it very hard to cover all sub offices in terms of airtime and transportation which normally becomes a challenge to provide home visit. What gives us courage and make us proud is the fact that clients sometimes phone to thank us for a job well done.

Future plans that will enable the office to improve our services are the plan that our director and supervisor did to bring all offices to one place. It will save cost as offices can help one another e.g. on submission of report at court and to meet and discuss the cases easily.


Our Address

Nellmapius Customer Care Center. Cell number: 072 157 4580