Our office also provided foster care awareness to the community; the community is now informed about the foster care grant. Our office rendered services like mediation to families experiencing challenges at home. Parenting skills were offered to the foster parents so that they can be able to cope with foster children as they grow up. Crisis intervention services were offered to individuals coming to our office requiring our assistance.

Another challenge is the inaccessibility of the SAPS when needed to assist on mental cases. A certain advocate referred a mental case to our office for intervention. It was about a married couple who were about to lose their house because the house was registered under the wife’s name. It so happened that the wife had an onset of Schizophrenia that she stopped going to work and chased the husband together with their first born out of house. She was about to lose the job and the house was about to be repossessed. She was in denial and we took her to Kalafong for 72 hours observation. She was assisted and returned back to work. No backlog in our foster care services. The office intends to continue rendering awareness campaigns to people not physically but through social media.To continue rendering services to individuals, families.


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