Who we are

North Gauteng Mental Health Society

Is a non-profit welfare organization situated in 6577 Deude Street, Nellmapius in Pretoria  Pretoria. The organization has been in existence since August 1951 and is affiliated to the South African Federation for Mental Health. Our aim is to enhance and maintain the mental health of the people in the areas in which we operate.

Social Services

Mental Health Care

The service includes referring Mental Health Care Users to the proper health care institutions, protection of their rights, encourage them to follow their diet schedule, the importance of accessing, honouring doctor’s appointments and take their medicine regularly. 

Social Development and Special Care Services

The services meant to cater for people affected by a mental handicap, to develop their optimal and support their families. These services include non-residential day care centres for profoundly disabled children between the age of 3-18 years, 

Trauma Prevention Debriefing and Crisis Care Services

The services receive by the people affected by abuse, violence and traumatic experiences. The aim is to enhance their ability to resolve problems and improve their lives.