Decades Of Care Services

North Gauteng Mental Health Society is a non-profit welfare organization situated in Nellmapius, Pretoria. The organization has been in existence since August 1951 and is affiliated to the South African Federation for Mental Health. Since its establishment, North Gauteng Mental Health Society has undergone several phases of development.

First phase

1951-1969 NGMHS looked mainly into the needs of children
with intellectual disabilities, first for white children, but by
1956 services for other racial groups was determined.

Second phase

During 1969-1978 mental health needs were assessed and
community psychiatric clinics were established. Fields of
service delivery expended to include not only intellectual and
psychiatric disability, but also life crisis.

Third phase

1979-1985 was the phase wherein satellite offices in Mamelodi,
Atteridgeville and Soshanguve were established based on the
needs identified in the communities (Statutory work services).

Fourth phase

Lasted until 1999. The urgent need for non-residential day care services
for children and adults with intellectual disability and mental illness was
identified which resulted in the establishment of various facilities for
youth and children in the townships. The organization was also required
to offer after care services (Community Development Projects) in the
communities, to individuals and families of people affected/infected by
mental illness and HIV/AIDS.

Fifth phase

2005-2014 this phase can be seen as the introduction of decentralized
centres with delegated management responsibilities in terms of all the
facilities in that township under the Social Workers and the community.
2015-2016 was the most difficult time of the organisation where it was
nearly been closed down due to its financial problems at that time which
leaded the organisation not being able to provide services to its optimum.
The then head office in Waverley Pretoria was sold to cover all the debts
and be able to buy at least a new property in Nellmapius (6577 Deude
street, Nellmaphius) to be used as head office.

Sixth phase

2017-2019 the NGMHS board of directors and the management come
up with the strategy of stabling the office marketing and communication
office which will come in handy as prevention measure to further
sustain the organisation through fundraising and ensures that relevant
information reach stakeholders and community in general through
website and social media pages.