Nghms Social Work Department

The Social Work department worked tirelessly to provide services to the clients; services such as counselling, statutory services, mental health services as well as awareness campaigns in order to educate the public about various disability and illnesses. The department of advocacy worked hand in hand with seven Social Work offices to ensure that the public is educated effectively when coming to services that we offer.

The advocacy department in partnership with Social Work department launched different types of awareness via Social media, door to door, word of mouth and trough radio. Some of the awareness campaigns that were done are Child Protection, Intellectual Disability, Domestic Violence, World Aids Day, Mental Health day, Psychosocial Disability etc., with the aim of reaching out to the public, empowerment and motivating them.

Wonders never cease, I can also say in Sepedi language that “di sita phaahle go ahlola”.Hearing for the first time on the news about Covid 19 I thought it is just a dream that will never happen. I thought is something that will pass not knowing that the worst is still yet to come. Who could have thought that life will change drastically because of the pandemic? The abrupt closing down of Schools, churches, work places and certain retails etc.

Impacted negatively on poor people, communities, vulnerable M , the country as a whole as well as the progress on our work as an organization. In the previous financial year Mental Health cases also escalated, but through hard work dedication and enthusiasm of Social Worker most of those cases were resolved. Again food parcels were donated to our organization from various donors and were distributed to the needy families. This was the biggest challenge of them all because we were used to work directly with each and with clients.

Doing counselling, conducting home visits, court appearances, mediation, awareness campaigns psychosocial support and supervision form the biggest part of our everyday duties. Therefore performing those duties telephonically did not bring in positive results than when performed physically. On the 29th of February 2020 there was a demarcation meeting that was held between the Department of Social Development and other stakeholders.

During the meeting it was discussed about caseloads per area, number of Social Workers per area, resources’ available, challenges experienced, the organization strength and a way forward. NGMHS decided to give back other areas like Attridgeville to RATA, Mamelodi west area to Child welfare and focus on areas like Nellmapius and Mamelodi East hence at Soshanguve there were no demarcations changes.

The reason for this was the fact our areas were far apart and going there took a lot of time, and doing supervision was very difficult. But focusing on one big area will be easier for us. Therefore it was agreed that by end of June all files must be returned to the relevant service providers. Through team work and optimistic attitude of Social Workers all the work was done before the end of June “hence I used to say when spiders unite they can tie up a lion”. Social Work offices moved to Nellmapius offices.